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First Light Games aims to elegantly bring the pleasure of deep game mechanics to a mass audience. We are a group of seasoned game makers from diverse gaming industry backgrounds, assembled to build a world class studio. Our ambition is to deliver globally accessible games that can be enjoyed for years to come.

Founded and financed in 2018 we are currently exclusively funded by the phenomenal Play Ventures games fund. Visit them HERE


Our Gaming Pedigree:


We’ve worked on a wide range of games during our careers and are bringing this huge wealth of imagination and experience together within the walls of First Light.


The Team


First Light combines 80+ years of experience designing AAA games for mobile, console and PC. We combine our experience and talent to create a modern, progressive and inclusive studio, using industry leading production methods along with our ingenuity to deliver accessible, deep gaming experiences to our players.


Neil McFarland

CEO - Creative Lead and Co-Founder

With 20 years experience designing for specifically for mobile and as Founder/Director of Games at ustwo games (Monument Valley, MV2, Lands End VR, Whale Trail) Neil injects high octane creative fuel into First Light projects and oversees the business.


Anil Das-Gupta

CDO - Product / Design Lead and Co-Founder

Been there, got the T-shirt. Anil has worked on some of the world’s biggest games projects and has held positions as Director of Product, Lead Designer and Product Manager on a huge range of top-tier games.


Matt Ryan


Having earned his immense professional status at such top-drawer studios as Natural Motion, Lionhead and SCEE Matt now ensures that our games and tech team run with buttery smoothness.


Andrew Saldanha

Tech Lead

Having previously worked in the programming engine rooms at King, Natural Motion and Codemasters Andy has been enabled to be able to prove on a daily basis, that as far as our tech is concerned ‘nothing is impossible’.


John Lilley

Lead Artist

With over 250 years of experience working in the British games industry (Natural Motion, Rebellion, Core Design Ltd, Sensible Software, Graftgold Ltd) Mr Lilley is without doubt worth his weight in gold. He lives purely to make our games look incredible.


TBA 2019:

Senior Programmer

Senior Artist

Middleweight Programmer and Artist


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